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Junie Johnson
United Kingdom
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Junie Johnson began singing decades ago and has had the opportunity, of performing with some of the U.K top charters from back in the day such as boy band “Damage”, and up to the present day with artist such as Stylo G. Her rise to fame begain at the tender age of 20 where Junie signed her very first management deal, with UK Unsigned and proudly had the opportunity to tour and perform at some of the Uk’s prestige’s venues.

Junie was born and bred in Leicester, to Jamaican born parents, but then later moved to London to pursue her music career. At the age of 14 whilst at school and singing in the church choir, Junie knew that she had set her sight on moving to London. She now cites her influences as renowned RnB artist.

Her current songs are now available to down load on I tunes and other online music stores

“Meant to be” written by Down Town Artists which is about being in a relationship and not knowing if this is a good decision, singing about her fears and mixed emotions and feelings. “Got it good” was written by Junie and is a song, which tells a story about being in a relationship, were her man is cheating on her with a women who is a friend.

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