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OneNess Sankara
United Kingdom
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OneNess Sankara is an award-winning multi disciplined performance artist. Her creative career began with acting and musical theatre as a child. Since then OneNess has established herself in the realms of music, theatre and spoken-word.

Her work has taken her from BBC Radio, Sky TV and Glastonbury Festival to London venues such as The Jazz Cafe & The Royal Festival Hall. She has also performed her work internationally in Africa, Europe and USA.

Further testament to her achievements include awards received including: BEFFTA Spoken-Word, BWA Artiste, Woman of Substance Spoken-Words as well as being the first artist outside the United States to win an award at The Toronto International Poetry Slam.

Her recent projects writing for theatrical productions such as Romeo & Juliet and The Hate Play; the powerful dance/theatre collaboration 'Tel iVision' with Jane Sekonya-John and most recently musical director on the new play Urban Mischief written by Michael Wicherick and Directed by Iqbal Khan.

A founding member of London's BKS Collective politics and popular culture always play a significant role in her work and her forthcoming solo project 'Chasing Rabbits' is no exception.

She is a connoisseur of art and those exposed to the lyrical workings of Miss Sankara should be fully braced to see the world with new eyes.

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