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Dionne Ible
United Kingdom
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I have been creating mosaic pieces for the last 10 years and can’t get enough of this ancient art form.

My journey started in 2002 where I began my search for something creative to do after my 9-5 job working as a Legal Secretary. My search took me to a listed building in Camden Town called the The Working Men’s College and it was here where I first fell in love with mosaic!

After having children and later attending more courses in London and Brighton, I eventually formed QEMAMU MOSAICS in 2006 (Qemamu meaning creator or creation) with it’s mission being to create African inspired mosaic pieces that are not only unique but will also captivate the viewer.

My love of African culture provides the inspiration for all of my bespoke mosaic pieces. I try to capture the naturalness and beauty found in my culture, using earthy tones, vibrant colour and an array of textured mosaic tiles. I use mostly glass tiles and smalti but would love to experiment with more natural tesserae such as marble, stone and semi-precious stones Smile

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