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Shawna Brown
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Lehigh Acres
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Shawna Brown is a singer/songwriter based in Tampa, Florida. She was born in the reggae country of Portland, Jamaica and grew up during the decade of the eighties, placing her in ears reach of the music of love and liberation. Having been exposed to a diverse range of music from an early age gave Shawna a broad appreciation for music across various genres expanding her musical palette into what it is today.

Brown is an unsigned artiste who continues to explore avenues of growth and development. She composes songs, often blurring the lines between musical genres and pushes the envelope as she provokes thought that question some of the complexities of human and spiritual existence.

 “There is much trouble in the world but there is much beauty as well, however elusive. Sometimes the pathway to finding that beauty is not as transparent and the comfort of hope remains evasive. But, there is the inspiration of music that stirs the soul from the moment the first note is played or the first word is sung. “I would like to offer such hope through the songs I write. If I can offer the same hope through music to uplift and inspire individuals and families or those lacking hope, then I will be fulfilled.”

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