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With the changing landscape of the arts

With the changing landscape of the arts - Are you digitally prepared?

It's 2015 and my have things changed for artistes. I recall a time in years gone by when it was extremely difficult for artistes. To get their products, music, poetry, art or anything else for that matter seen or heard by others and appreciated. Nowadays, it has become increasingly easier for artistes to get their material seen or heard. This is of course, if you have access to and manage to master the use of the different technologies available.

Artistes, can join, share their profile and upload, their products onto a number of different websites, to sell or simply to promote their work on these different websites. For example offers the opportunity to Black women artistes, not only to promote themselves and their work, but to sell too. Who would pass up such an opportunity. Then you have some of the social Internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn these are just a few. You have others like Pinterest, Tumblr and many more..

Does the changing landscape of the arts, make it easier for artistes to promote and sell their products? Or is it more trouble then its work?

Beverley Davis
Black Women in the Arts

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