Black Women in the Arts – Interviewed


Lady Marga M.C.


East London Rapper, M.C., Singer and Songwriter Lady Marga M.C. was named winner of the MySpace MOBO Awards competition talks about her career so far.


Having won ‘MySpace MOBO awards competition in 2010’ what does it mean to you?


It means a lot; it was a surprise for me.  MOBO did an ad on MySpace and thousands of artistes entered, and I was chosen out of all those Great artiste as the winner. ‘They choose me I got a phone call I was proper excited’.

‘It was a great feeling to me; words can not express how I felt at the time’.


I got to perform at the MOBO after Party, meet load of other celebrities, other artistes.  Now I got to feature with some of those artistes’ I was grateful, MOBO picked me.  I also got an ad on MySpace showing me as the winner.

I got some documentation that I use in my promo pack.


What’s the thrill of being an M.C?


The expressions, I like to express myself through my music, get message across to my fans, getting to travel and meet, new people.



How did you get into acting?


Basically with SHANK, just got a phone call from a Friend went down to where they were filming, I knew some of the people that were there Mo Ali the Director saw me and offered me the part.


You’ve performed in two films Shank and Jericho’s Walls Are Falling’ what was that like for you?


It was great, getting the part for SHANK I got to act in a part alongside British actors Colin Salmon and Kedar William Stirling.  Both leading actor in the film.  The part I played was a scene in the market.   It was just a bit of luck.



You also had an acting part in ‘knot’ which is out in cinema in 2012. What’s your role in this film?


I am a wedding guest at the church. I got told about the film went down, and got the part, I am one of the extras in the film.

Doing these parts I got to meet some great actors and actress. Who I now keep in contact with.


I like acting, but I am more into doing my music, but doing these roles, can lead to big roles, I like taking the opportunity as it comes.



When you are not singing or acting, else do you do?


I am still writing music and producing music I love to write my own material, I write for others too and produce my own music.


Are you doing this full time?


Yes, I love the industry – I am getting by with what it pays me.


Is there anything else you almost did for a living?


I use to play professional football; if I wasn’t doing music I would probably be teaching kids to play football.  I tried for Arsenal Ladies, Charlton Juniors when I was at school and play for my school team and my local team in my area .


What do you want to achieve professionally?


I would like to be a successful artiste, and be known worldwide and be in the industry for a long, long time.


What would you say to other women starting out as M.C.?


Just go for it, you have to work hard, be yourself, and never let anyone tell you can’t do something.  It’s your dream so go for it.




What’s your personal dream?


I would love to own my own clothing line all around the world – I have started it, already it called Margaish wear but to make it bigger.  You know things like, t-shirts, track suits, caps I could go on.



When is your Album out?


Album well I am still working on this, but I have done a new mix tape its called music is the way vol.2  Which will be available to buy online from the 1st July itunes, Spotify,Rdio,Amazon,7Digital, Zvooqi,HeartRadio,Nokia,Simfy 121 Music Deezer,Rhapsodye,Music Basepoint, MediaWe7,MediaNet,24/7 Entertainment etc. Oh, and Black Women in the Arts online store.



You have worked with some great artists who was your favourite collaboration and why??


I have collaborated with Basement Jaxx I am on there crazy itch radio album my track on there called run4cover. I got to tour with them in 2006 they are like family to me. They are great producers and they have really given me the inspiration, and they really know my style as an artiste.

Also I have a few new collaborations on my new mix tape with artists

that I enjoyed working with such as upcoming singer/songwriter Terence

Surin Krome he a south London rapper

French actress and singer Melissa Ricci a Portuguese rapper Blackson,

Sun who is signed to 50 cent and 40 glocc label zoo life/gunit and the last has got to be Hollywood & Ko signed to P Diddy label block ent/badboy south its amazing collaborated with all these great artists


Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?


I would say Adele, Jay z, Robbie William, Missy Elliot, Tinie Tempah Will-iam, Red Hot Chill Peppers, Mavado, Timberland, R Kelly, the list goes on there so many I would love to collaborate with. Especially Missy Elliot, she is my idol.  She also writes, sing, very versatile – I listen to her music a lot.  I also love Motown, Reggae, Indie, dancehall, Pop, dance, old skool garage and I love me house,

Drum n bass music all these have influences me greatly.


I love some of the new style of the new UK music on the scene now, especially Tinie Tempah, Jessie Jed Sheeran, Chip, n Dubz,

I love all these artists’ styles of music.



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