Comedian (Annette Fagon) is one of Black Entertainment’s rising stars. She was nominated as Best newcomer at the 2006 Black Entertainers Comedy Awards

(BECA) and Midlands Stand Up Runner up 2007. She is appearing in Love, Sex and Sensuality.


What are you up to at the moment?

I’m currently working on a project with Women in Theatre teaching comedy workshops to senior citizens. At the end the project will be completed with a show.


I am also busy preparing for the Xmas rush bookings which will be coming in from the UK or overseas. I have gigs already booked for Sheffield, Leeds and Leicester my home town.


When the comedy season is slow or gigs are not as frequent as I would like. I work as a note taker at a University supporting students with learning difficulties, as well as doing other care work.


What was your first Stand Up gig like?

My first gig was a competition I was petrified, I thought it was an audition, but it was a live show. My fear was about the ordering of the script. I was fretful that I would forget the order of what I was going to say next and mess up. It all went better than I expected. I was so shocked to see people laughing at what I said. The audience were even laughing in places I did not think they would laugh.


Were your parents happy you becoming a Stand Up Comedian?

My dad and I haven’t spoken with each other for years, so I don’t even know if he knows that I am a Stand up Comedian. My mother is 100% behind me whatever I do. I didn’t finish University, she was cool about that. I am a Stand Up Comedian now, she is fine with that too, and I get most of my jokes from her.


What impact being nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2006 (BECA) Awards have on your career?

It was great being nominated, but unless you win the award being nominated does not really count for much in the eyes of the media or audience. Being nominated has not impacted my career much, except that I can add it to my C.V.


What can the audience expect from you in Love Sex and Sensuality?

They are going to hear some rawness; the scripts will be based on my thoughts about love, sex and sensuality. They are going to get jokes. The audience will hear some of the things that they have been too afraid to say themselves. It’s going to be raw and uncut and full of my opinions that are not necessarily right or wrong. Put it this way my mum will not be coming to the show.


What is Love, Sex and Sensuality about?

I would sum up the show as a modern look exploring some of the thinking and conversations about love, sex and sensuality from an African and African Caribbean perspective. It gives us all the opportunity to celebrate these aspects of our lives, through jokes, poetry, drama and music.


Have you worked with any of the other artistes performing with you in Love, Sex and Sensuality before?

I’ve worked with Dana Alexander a Canadian comic who is currently residing in the UK. She’s an excellent performer and a great friend.


What’s the most unusual gig you’ve done?

I did a gig in the Forest of Dean; the audience were all white men they were not expecting a women and a Black women. A lot of my material is aimed at women. I was given the choice by the gig representative to, perform or leave. I choose to perform; after all I grew up in an all white neighbourhood, where I was the only Black child in the village. I am aware also that there is racism and sexism in Stand up Comedy and that hasn’t fazed me.


I slowly eased my way into my performance, observing the dynamics off stage. After a while one gentleman began laughing and soon others, then the whole room. When I finished I received an invitation to have a drink with one of the main organisers, which I did. It was one of the strangest gigs I have done, but also one of the nicest.


Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

Yes, I would really like to travel and tour with a carnival. I am part of a group called Soca Police; we take part in the Notting Hill Carnival each year. We do exactly what it says on the label, we stop people in the streets, ask men to do press ups and all sorts, it creates lots of jokes. It’s a good way of bringing people together too. Soca Police have also taken part in the Leicester Carnival and worked with groups such as Basement Jaxx.



What are you proudest of achieving in your career so far?


I did a TV advert in 2007 for Churchill I am very proud of that achievement, my mother has always wanted to see me on T.V, she got her wish.  It was a brilliant experience doing the advert.


It was my manager at the time John Simmit who set up the audition for me.  During the audition I thought I was awful, but I got a call back and got the job.

Love, Sex and Sexuality is at:


London Date: 30th November 2012


The Broadway Theatre,


London SE6 4RU


Birmingham Date:  1st December 2012


The Drum

144, Potters Lane

B6 4UU


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