Akoma Exhibition a contribution to Black History Month

01 October - 31 October 2015

Walthamstow based emerging artists Sharon Foster and Jacqueline McFarlane have exhibited their work in East and North London and is an expression of their cultural heritage.

The Akoma exhibition will consist of contemporary artwork that draws on visual and written forms to communicate narratives of conduct and values. Reference is made to Adinkra symbols, a traditional and highly developed art form of the Akan people of West Africa. These symbols are used to convey multiple attributes and evoke a link from the past to the present.

Jacqueline and Sharon will also be showing you how to make your own prints using Adinkra stamps in their creative activity workshop on Sunday the 18th October, 12.00 noon – 3.00 pm at The Create Place on 29 Old Ford, E2 9PJ.

To book a place at the Free handprinting workshop go to:

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