Yes friends it's coming up to that time of year again ..... FESTIVAL,... CARNIVAL,...BACCHANAL!!! And what better event is there to lead you right up to Europe's biggest street party, other than 'TENT'?....

There is no other and this year the 'ABC' (Association of British Calypsonians) celebrates it's 21st year of hosting the 'London Calypso Tent' and annual Soca Monarchs competitions, so we 'The Divettes' (being the resident backing vocalists for all of the participants of this wonderful event) also courteously invite you ALL to come and lime with us and take in some REAL Caribbean vibes and witness the lyrical skill and poetic humour of the competitors, as they 'battle it out' for the title of 'Soca Monarch!'

We'll be singing for some of the BEST new, up & coming and established Soca and Calypso artists in the business, so come and join us for some feting, wetting and some Soca Jumbie.... speaking of which; have you downloaded our latest single 'Soca Jumbie?' Well if not, you'll soon have a chance to purchase special limited edition CD copies of our single with the new and exclusive 'Club Mix and 'Road Mix' versions.... One condition though; you'll have to come to at least 1 Calypso Tent event to obtain your copy.....

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Music transcends ALL THINGS
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