Miss Caribbean Positively Promoting the Caribbean

Miss Caribbean United Kingdom was set up as an event to promote all the different Caribbean countries under one umbrella.   The event uses a pageant to promote, educate, inspire and celebrate the historical and cultural impact of the Caribbean within the United Kingdom.



We want to be a vehicle to assist in bringing the Caribbean and its diaspora within the UK closer.  We want the old and younger generation Caribbean descendants to recognise the influences and impact the Caribbean Diaspora has had on UK culture and thus, appreciate the importance of retaining the link with their Caribbean heritage.


Sitting within the diversity that the UK offers, Miss Caribbean UK (MCUK) attracts not only those from or connected with the Caribbean but others from African, American, Asian and European heritages, keen to enjoy the positive promotion of unity, colour, fashion, dance, gastronomy, music, culture and edutainment.

Miss Caribbean UK 2017 

The Grand Final Miss Caribbean UK  2017 Pageant is taking place on:


Date:     Saturday 25 November 2017

Time:  19.00 Hours  -   10.00 Hours

Venue:   The Broadway Theatre, Catford, Catford Road, London SE6 4RU 

Tickets are available from:


Tickets cost:   Standard £25.00   VIP £35.00


For more information contact: 

Call:   + 44(0) 7951 308 379

Call:    +44(0) 7946 088 553



The Broadway 

Catford Road





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