The Artiste Helper

Dear Artistes,

We’d like to chat to you about your artistic needs

At Black Women in the Arts, we’re keen to ensure you’re able to find


  • performance opportunities
  • opportunities to earn from your performance, drawings, etchings, sculpture or paintings.
  • ways to market and promote you and your business
  • creative networks you can join
  • opportunities to grow professionally
  • opportunities to exhibit your work
  • a venue to screen your film


and more…


And if you can’t find what you are looking for, come up against some challenges or uncertain where to begin, that’s where Black Women in the Arts can help.


We can

  • help performance artistes to find or create the stage for to perform
  • support visual artistes, to find an exhibition to exhibit, or find the clients to commission your work
  • help the graphic designer find the client (individual or company) who wants to have a flyer or poster designed (who is looking just for you).
  • with the book illustrator help to find the writer seeking an illustrator for her book/s
  • initiate the necessary first steps to help you develop your networks
  • show you how to work-out your expenditure and make-up your first invoice
  • offer a video screen to help the film-maker to broadcast their debut and subsequent films.
  • coach or mentor artistes to assist their professional development
  • guide you through the creation and development of your own website and online home

Our list of services is extensive, and there is very little within our areas of expertise we are unable to do. However, if we find there is something we are not equipped to do, we will search our database of contacts and refer you.

So whether you are a performance artiste, writer, visual artistes, graphic designer, illustrator, dancer, music teacher, musician, storyteller, clown, film producer or a wannabe artistes we at Black Women in the Arts would love to hear from you. We are waiting to help.





Call: 020 7923 7658


Let us know in more detail what help you need and we will get on it right away.