Donate to Black Women in the Arts

You have come to this page, because you are probably considering donating to Black Women in the Arts (BWA). Or maybe asking the question: Why should I donate to BWA?  Thanks for considering doing so.


Well, perhaps you like the arts, probably have a friend or a member of your family who is an artiste and maybe a Black woman artiste. You have watched them struggle between doing a regular job and their art and may be at times wondered how you could help them. You may even have had a sense of helplessness, as you watched them struggle, after all it would take a big chunk out of your finance to really contribute to them to make a difference.


This is where Black Women in the Arts can help.  We exist to support, and promote Black women artistes in their artistic endeavors. By making a donation to us you can make a big difference not only to the artistes in your life, but also to other artistes. You will also be helping your Community to celebrate, commemorate, promote and develop its creative structures.


Make a Donation

By making a donation to Black Women in the Arts today, you will be getting involved and making a difference to Black women artistes.


Make a one off Donation

A one off donation using any of the payment methods PayPal, Cheques, BACS payment (or other transfer methods). For Transfer payments, please call 020 7923 7658 or email: with your intentions to donate.


Give monthly

A regular gift is an excellent way to support Black Women in the Arts as it gives us the confidence to plan ahead. This ensures your donation is spent where it is needed most.

Why not set-up a Standing Order with your bank – monthly donations can be as little as £5.00 a month, email us of your intentions. Do remember that with a Standing Order you can cancel or amend your instructions at any time.


Other ways to give :


■Our STORE: logon and just click the Store button, follow the instructions

■By BACS payment: call 020 7923 7658 for details how to use this process

■By PAYPAL: Click our DONATE button you will be directed how to pay.

■By POST: please send a cheque (payable to Black Women in the Arts). Our address is:


Black Women in the Arts, 62, Beechwood Road, London E.8 3DY.



Your donation can make a real difference…


Black Women in the Arts provdies support and information to hundreds of aftistes and anyone considering a careere as an artistes each year. Every year we help more and more artistes as well as any potential artistes.


Your help will ensure this vital work continues – because by helping artistes make the most of their talents and skills, you are directly helping them to enrich our lives and future generations with their creativity. Wouldn’t you want to part of that?


Every penny helps and your money goes a long way…


£5.00 - pays for the cost of a call to four artites needing hepl and support


£10.00 - pays for half an hour for an artistes to attend one of our workshops


£25.00 -pays for an artiste’s travel expenses to a gig


£50.00 -pays for an hour coaching for a One2One Performance Coaching session


£100.00 –pay for a design of a flyer to promote an event


£250.00 –pays for us to run a recruitment advertisement for volunteers to help us manage

an event.