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Getting to know Black Women in the Arts

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What is the service?

Black Women in the Arts provides a high quality service for women from the African Diaspora. It is a service that gives visual and performing artistes, designers, graphic designer, film-makers, writers, fashion designers and promoters an online service to promote themselves and their art online.


Why Black Women in the Arts?

Black Women in the Arts was established by female artistes having an intention to support and promote the artistic endeavours of female artistes from the African and African Caribbean communities.


Is Black Women in the Arts only for UK based women from the African Diaspora?

No. Our service is open to women in all countries who identify as women from the African Diaspora. Black Women in the Arts would encourage all women of African descent to join our community.


How can I register with Black Women in the Arts?

Please fill out the registration form and chose one of the band of services; you will be up and running in no time at all.


Do I have to be involved in the Arts or Cultural Industry to join Black Women in the Arts?


No, although our service is targeted at Black Women artistes, we recognize that others too have a keen interest in the arts, either as an audience or an enthusiast. We welcome your involvement.


Why join Black Women in the Arts

Whether you are performing, promoting, writing, designing or want to be in the know about what’s happening on the cultural scenes.

  • As an artiste do you continue to have problems promoting yourself and selling your products?
  • Have you just finished recording your EP or Album and not certain where to go to get yourself seen and your EP or Album heard by a targeted community?
  • Uncertain where to go to find out about relevant cultural happenings
  • You been in the industry for many years, yet your fans only extends to friends and family. You are hardly going to make it into the big time with this so few fans.
  • No have had no effective opportunities to show off your artistic prowess?
  • You want desperately to exhibit your work, but the galleries fees are too high, and anyway how are you going to afford to promote the exhibition?
  • You are getting older, and no signs of fame and fortune around the corner
  • You would love to become an artistes, nor sure how to go about it.

Need we say more, if you want changes with results, this is the place to be to share your art, promote yourself and get yourself firmly on the map.


What do I need to join?

In order to join, you just need to click on the Join link on top of the home page fill in the form. Collect your activation code sent to your chosen email account. Then, you will be able to logon with your username and password.

Your registration is made in agreement with our terms of use and our privacy policy.


What if I am having difficulties with the online joining form?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the online joining, let us know, email us at contact@blackwomenart.org Let us know exactly what the difficulties are and our technical team will have you up and running in no time at all.

You will not be able to complete your secure online subscription until you enter all the relevant fields in the online form and agreed to our terms and conditions of use.

How long will it take to join?

We have made it simple so you only have to click or tick a box. It should take around 6 minutes for you to complete your online joining process. An extra 2 minutes longer if you click a wrong section.


Do I have to be involved in the Arts or Cultural Industry to join Black Women in the Arts?


No, although our service is targeted at Black Women artistes, we recognize that others too have a keen interest in the arts, either as an audience or an enthusiast. We welcome your involvement.


Do I need anything special to use this service?

All you need to use BWA is an internet connection or a mobile phone Join Us Once you're in, type your primary email address into the web box.


Does Black Women in the Arts charge a fee?

Yes, we do charge a fee for our services, but we also offer the opportunity for individuals to become part of our community, currently at no charge with our ‘Guest’ service.


Which Payment Method can I use?

Our payment method is PayPal secure gateway – You will get the option to pay by PayPal account or if you prefer thorough your Credit or Debit Card facilities.


Is my credit card or Debit Card payment secured?

We do not keep credit card information of our customers on our servers

When you submit your credit card number its validity date, information transit through the network protected by SSL. The SSL helps protect communications between web browsers and servers as well as server to server communication.


Why should I trust Black Women in the Arts?

Black Women in the Arts is registered with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee. You can find our registration details by visiting Companies House website.

Black Women in Arts was established in November 1995 and was incorporated in 1999. We have developed good relationships with individual artistes and organisation throughout our sixteen years’ existence and continue to do so. If you would like to know more about us or a particular aspect of our service/s, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Who runs the service?

The service was created by three Black Women artistes. Now aided by our Board of Trustees, we are passionate about the promotion and development of Black women artistes. The day to day business is coordinated by the Project Director and a small team of volunteers.


Where is Black Women in the Arts based?

We are based in the London Borough of Hackney, East London, United Kingdom. You can find our exact location on our contact page. Visitors are advised to make an appointment. Our address is displayed on the contact page.


Who manages Black Women in the Arts?

Black Women in the Arts is a registered company, registered in England and Wales, and is managed by the Board of Directors. The Chair of Black Women in the Arts has overall responsibility.


How will Black Women in the Arts protect the information I provide online?

The security of Black Women in the Arts website has been tested by independent experts. They have checked that the site complies with industry and government standards, protected from accidental or deliberate interference or misuse, and that we have effective measures in place to protect the confidentiality of personal data.


What will happen to my information?

Black Women in the Arts values your privacy and we will not share or pass your information to a third party, even if you ask us to do so. Your information will only be used to help us provide you with a service.


Can I make donations to Black Women in the Arts?

Yes, you can; click on the DONATE, button and make your donations. Thank you. Minimum donation accepted is £5.00.


How will you use the donation I make?

Donations will be used to develop the work further of Black Women in the Arts for example a £5.00 donation would help pay for a video camera film recording tape.


What other ways can I support the work of Black Women in the Arts?

You can support the work of Black Women in the Arts by

  • Inform others about the work of Black Women in the Arts
  • Add us to your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account or other online Social Network sites.
  • Volunteer your time as part of our Events Management Team
  • Attend our events

How do I find my friends?

When you create an account, you can search for people by name or user name, or invite friends via email. Once you've found your friends, you can choose to follow them and start getting their updates and of course sending yours too.


What are video and photo permissions?

Based on the package you have chosen Black Women in the Arts has added a number of video functions on associated packages for stability and abuse control.


How do I post a picture to BWA?

Black Women in the Arts offers an official picture posting feature of its own to post pictures to your accounts. The process is simple – you can even upload straight from your video camera.


What should I do when I get an invitation for a potential booking from a client?

Find details of the supplier, ask questions and do the necessary research to ensure that the opportunity being offered is genuine. Please be mindful that things are not always as they appear. If in doubt do get a second and maybe a third opinion. If in need further assistance email us at contact@blackwomenart.org

How can I find out what others are saying or doing on BWA?

To get an idea of what other people are saying or doing on BWA, check out Black Women in the Arts to see what Black Women in the Arts is all about. You can search by keywords or name to see what’s hot on Black Women in the Arts right now.

Is this item available?

If the item is offered in our store on the site, it is usually in stock, unless otherwise stated.


How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other Terms of Service issues?

Review our Terms of Service section to find out what constitutes a violation, and how to go about fixing a related problem.


Can I close my account?

Yes. You can ask to close your account login into your Control Panel and select Unregister and click the delete button your account is deactivated.


How do I report spam?

Report spam by following Black Women in the Arts Spam Account, and sending us a direct message containing the username of the spammer. Please put in the subject heading SPAM. Also, we encourage you to always block any spammers you find. BWA Support keeps an eye on block reports to see who's getting in trouble on Black Women in the Arts.


Why are accounts suspended?

Accounts are suspended for Terms of Service violations or spam investigation.


Do you have Maintenance down times?

If we need to do any major maintenance on our site, we will keep any down time to a minimum. But rest assured we will always give ample notice, if we are planning to do this. However, please be aware, that sometimes technical issues may occur that is beyond our control that may temporarily interrupt your service. But we will do all that we can to resume service as quickly as possible.


Our Registered office and contact details are:

Black Women in the Arts

62, Beechwood Road


London E8. 3DY

Telephone: 020 7923 7658

Fax: 020 8281 3438

Email: contact@blackwomenart.org

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